Website Localization Solutions introduced to Zuora (N. America), Localizing product documentation sites and enhancing the customer experience of Japanese corporate users

Wovn Technologies, Inc. (head office:Minato Ward, Tokyo  CEO:Takaharu Hayashi) has offered its website localization services for the Zuora, Inc. (head office:San Mateo, California, USA  Japanese subsidiary company  Zuora Japan Inc: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo,  CEO: Junichiro Kuwano, hereonafter:Zuora) ​Product documentation site, which will be officially published in Japanese on May 29th, 2020.

■Context of this partnership
Zuora® operates out of California, where it has its HQ, and has 10 subsidiaries worldwide. Zuora offers a platform that helps subscription-type businesses drive revenue around the world, including the USA and Japan.

Zuora’s product documentation site for customers has been developed in English only so far, but Japanese corporate users have been requesting a Japanese version of these documents as well.

Thus, in order to provide better customer experience and get over the language barrier, we have introduced [] to make a localized version of this ​Product documentation site for Japan.


■About the site ( )
We are currently publishing the Zuora documentation site in Japanese. We are utilizing post-editing technology to provide high-quality translations of every single page often used by our Japanese corporate customers. From here on, we will use the same post-editing technology on all pages to improve the overall quality of service on our ​Product documentation site.

(left: the original English page, right: the localized Japanese version)

■Future Prospects
By offering a localized Japanese version of the ​Product documentation site, in addition to improving the ease-of-use and customer experience for Japanese corporate users, Zuora aims to expand its Japanese market.

Web service localization is a big hurdle for many companies abroad. In particular, this product documentation site has the characteristics of being updated frequently and there is a high volume of content to be translated. This makes localization difficult and is also a hurdle to gaining a foothold and expanding in the Japanese market. For companies abroad that share these kinds of problems, we will recommend This service will be a great aid in successfully moving into the Japanese market.

■About Zuora
Zuora® provides a cloud-based platform to help drive revenue in your subscription business for any industry. The Zuora® platform, which promotes the Subscription Economy®, supports the transformation of the business model from the conventional product sales business model to the subscription-type business model and acquires new customers in the subscription business. Zuora will improve profitability and work efficiency by strengthening up-selling and cross-selling to existing customers and reducing churn rate. In addition, it is a comprehensive service that offers subscription business pricing, quotation, Web sales, contract management, billing/payment, sales aggregation, reporting/analysis that cannot be handled by conventional ERP, CRM, and sales management systems. Today,  Zuora is used by Ricoh, NEC, General Electric, Box, DocuSign, free, Yayoi, Team Spirit, SmartHR, Okta, Zoom, Zendesk, AT & T, Trip Advisor, Diamond,, and over 1,000 other companies worldwide. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Zuora has offices in the United States and worldwide in the EMEA and APAC. For more information on the Zuora platform, please visit

■About WOVN.io
With a mission to enable people around the world to access all data in their native language, localizes websites and apps into over 40 different languages and offers localization solutions for businesses to succeed in foreign markets. This service has already been adapted in over 15,000 sites belonging to leading companies. can be added afterward to existing websites/apps and will help reduce the costs and human resources spent on system development/site maintenance needed for localization.

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