A website localization solution that supports DX and internationalization

Cut down on the extra costs of system development, site operation, and translation management for service internationalization that is seamless, efficient, and secure.

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Everything required for localizing a website in one package

WOVN.io can be retrofitted to existing websites, saving on costs, human resources, and time when developing and integrating a system for localization. We provide a one-stop solution to the challenges of website localization, from large-scale EC sites to branding pages rich with IP content. Find a high-security dashboard, high-quality translation, and more all in one place.

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Intuitive use combined with automatic translation make for optimal operation

It is not easy to acquire, translate, and publish content that is updated constantly. With WOVN.io, choose between automatic and manual translation for the optimal operation plan based on your translation needs and content type.

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Supporting global strategies through global SEO and BPO services

With the Library method, the HTML source code is localized and indexed by search engines such as Google. We also offer ways to further strengthen your global strategy, such as through global SEO, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service-based advertising, and site traffic analysis.

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One-stop solution to improve and optimize translation quality

Translations that use AI, specialists, and glossaries help each client achieve optimal translation quality all in one place. In addition, translations can be stored as client-specific localized databases in up to 43 languages and 76 locales (a combination of language and region) that can be reused in multiple service environments.

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Why stop at your website? Localize your iOS and Android apps and internationalize your business with WOVN.app.

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