Supervised Mode and Enable Tags will automatically retrieve all the content from your website. If you would like to have complete control over what content will be retrieved, stored in the WOVN database, and translated, you can set WOVN in Supervised Mode by modifying your HTML.

📌 Please contact us here to activate it.


  1. Add the wovn-supervised attribute in the HTML tag of your website.
  2. Add the wovn-enable attribute before the content you want to detect.
    > ... <p> WOVN can not see this content and can not translate it. </ p> .. <p wovn-supervised> 
    <p wovn-enable> 
    WOVN will find this content and translate it. . </ html>

By using the wovn-supervised and wovn-enable attributes, you can make sure that only the content you handpick will be detected by and stored in the WOVN database. It is recommended especially when handling personal information.

Practical Tips

💡You need to include the attributes on each page. If you would like to have all your website’s content under Supervised Mode, add the wovn-supervised attribute in the common header.


🔍 More about the Ignore Blocks feature if you do not want to edit your HTML. You can handpick what content you want to ignore. Supervised Mode and Ignore tags are not compatible — you cannot use them on the same page.