Ruby Library

For Ruby version 2.2 or later
Ruby on Rails: version 4. It should work on version 5, and might on version 3. 

Step-by-step to installation

  1. Download Gem.
    Insert the following line into your Ruby Application’s Gemfile.

     gem ‘wovnrb’, ‘>= 0.2’
  2. Execute the following command to install the Ruby Library.
    bundle install
  3. Make changes to the Settings in the configuration file.
    config.wovnrb = {
    :user_token => ‘xxxxxx’,
    :url_pattern => ‘path’,
    :default_lang => ‘ja’,(If your source language is Japanese)

Setups for each Parameter
More information here.

Where to find your Code Snippet

Get your Code Snippet on your Project Page: click on the ellipsis icon of the project you want to work on and select ‘Code Snippet’ from the drop-down menu.

Select “Ruby Library” from the drop-down menu, click on the icon next to the Code Snippet to copy the Code Snippet. 

More details
Please refer to this page for a more detailed explanation.