Auto Page Add

Can I add pages automatically?

They are added automatically.

※The timings of when the page addition and the automatic page translation (publication) are done differ.

The timing of when the page is added is the same as when the actual page is displayed through the browser.
When viewing the actual page, please wait at least five seconds.
The translation request will be sent at that point in time, so once the request is processed, the translation will be displayed.
(This may take some time depending on how busy our servers are.)

If I do not access the page, is it not added?

Yes, you need to access the page.
It is possible to open multiple pages automatically in succession using Selenium IDE for Firefox (a Firefox add-on).
(It is possible to add pages automatically by executing a web crawling script with Selenium.)

About WOVN.io

What kind of features differences are there between the services?

The following are major differences between WOVN.io, which is free to use, and WOVN.io PRIME, which is not.
・Maximum number of languages you can publish
・Maximum number of pages you can publish
・Maximum number of characters that can be machine-translated
・Maximum number of page views
・Prioritized processing of Auto Machine Translation
・User rights assignment
・Useful features designed for operational effectiveness.
Please visit ‘Pricing’ for more details.


How does WOVN.io affect SEO?

It depends on the chosen integration method.

With a Code Snippet

As the translated webpage is not indexed within a search engine, this method does not boost SEO traffic. This is most suitable for providing content to local residents or domestic travellers.

With WOVN Library

As this is a server-side library, the page is translated before reaching the users browser. This allows the translated website to be indexed by search engines such as Baidu, Naver, Yandex, Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
This is recommended for inbound tourism and for giving greater visibility to your website abroad.

Translation Registration Restriction

Is there a limit to the number of elements you can register to a page?

You can register 1500 elements per page.

Is there a limit on the replacing image’s size?

For free WOVN.io users, the data limit on image is 1 MB.
WOVN.io PRIME users can change the data limit as necessary.(There is a maximum limit, however.)

What happens if I exceed the plan limit for the number of published pages?

You can continue adding pages and get translation done, but your pages cannot be published (Changes will not be reflected on your website.) You can unpublish some of the published pages to make adjustment. Or please consider joining WOVN.io PRIME.

Machine Translation

How do I increase my machine translation limit?

Please contact us here.You can see the current status of word count on dashboard.

Customize Widget

How do I customize the widget?

You can do unlimited customization on WOVN widget with WOVN.io PRIME. Please ask us more about this.

Default Language Settings

Is it possible to set a default language?

Yes, you can change the priority of languages from the settings page.

Settings->Widget->Default Language
* The original language is set by default.

For details, please refer to “Default Language Settings.

Languages Support

How can we check the languages that are supported for translation?

For free WOVN.io users, 30 languages are available.
WOVN.io PRIME users can add more languages if necessary.
Please visit ‘URL language code’ for more details.

Is it possible to have languages not on the list supported?

For WOVN.io PRIME users, we can add unlisted languages upon request. Please contact us here.

Access Restriction

Can websites that have limited access use this service?

Websites that have limitation on for example, IP addresses, are supported.

If there is access limitation, you need to unlock the IP address of WOVN.io crawler.
For details on the IP address of WOVN.io crawler, please contact our “Support.”

* Currently, it can not be used if in a completely local environment.

Basic Authentication

Are Basic authentication pages supported ?

Yes, WOVN.io supports pages that require Basic authentication.

When adding a new page, a display will appear asking for your username and password.

About SSL

Is SSL supported ?

WOVN.io is fully integratable with https/SSL protected websites.

※ You do not need to register https and http sites separately. They will be automatically matched by WOVN.io.

We recommend a valid SSL certificate.

Query Parameters

How do I add pages with query parameters?

You can’t add those pages by default.
If you want to, Please contact us. We will give you a feature.To learn more about how query parameters work, please see “Query Parameters.”

Share Data

Will a translation from page A be reflected on page B?

If the sentences match exactly, the translation will be applied automatically.

Can I switch over from a test environment to a production environment?

It is possible to switch over without duplicating the work.

To learn more about how duplicating work, please see “Domain Alias.

Automatic Updates

Is there a function to automatically perform page registration and content update?

Those features are all available in all of our products.

To learn more about how automatic updates work, please see “Auto Content Add.

Beta Feature

Do you have a function for β?

We provide several functions for β, so please refer to “β function page” for details.

Dynamic Content

What is dynamic content?

At WOVN.io, content that changes depending on page viewer attributes or time of viewing, even on the same page URL, is called dynamic content.
*Content put out via html is called static content.

Typical examples of dynamic content:

  • Page displayed after login
  • Contents generated though Ajax or JavaScript
  • Real-time rankings

To learn more about how dynamic content works, please refer to the “Dynamic Content” section.