Professional Translation

You can order professional translations directly from your dashboard.
When you are placing an order, you can specify the quality or the tone of the translation and let your translator know about all the important details to make sure the translation is just right.


The price is based on the number of characters or words and the type of translation.

By clicking “Translate all”, selecting”Pro” and following simple steps, an estimate of the translation cost will be displayed.


There are 2 levels of quality available for Pro Translations:

  • Standard: fast translation for everyday content, such as user reviews.
  • Advanced: for professional content such as blog posts or web localization

We also offer a single solution package covering: technical terms, full-time service, data entry, etc.

Languages Available

The available target languages depend on the source language. In the case of English as a source language, most languages are available.


Translation Order

  1. Select your project to go to the Page list.
  2. Select a page to go to its Translate page.
  3. Select the text box that you want to pro translate and click on the check button on the left side of the box.
    * If you want to order Pro translations for all the texts, click “TRANSLATE ALL” and select “PRO”.
  4. Select “PRO TRANSLATE”  at the bottom of the screen.
  5. You are now on the Pro translation page. All the texts you have selected in step ③ will show up. Texts that don’t have to be translated will automatically be categorized into “Auto Excluded Values”. If needed, you can move texts back into your Order List and vice versa.

    Auto Excluded Values
    Confirm the texts you are about to Pro translate and check the box “I have already checked the auto excluded values” at the bottom of the screen. Press “NEXT” after you have confirmed the translation order content.

  6. Select the languages you want to translate your texts into and choose the translation quality. The price and approximate time to complete the translation will be displayed. Click “Next” to continue.
  7. Select a tone for your translations. You can add any additional piece of information you would like your translator to have. Click “NEXT” to continue.
    *If your website uses basic authentication, your translator might not be able to view the website.

    Approve all translations automatically
    By switching off “Approve all translations automatically”, when the translations are completed, you will be able to revise and approve them or make comments for your translator to read. When switched on, all translations will be automatically included in your project.

  8. Click “+Add Credit Card” and fill in the form and click on “PAY”.
    If you have already registered your credit card information, directly click on “PAY”.
  9. Your Translation order will be sent to our Translation partners.
  10. On your order list, you will be able to see your translations status, comments and more.
    If you had switched off “Approve all translations automatically”, you can review the completed translations and approve them or, if you are not satisfied, make comments for your translator to read.