Product-related terms

Code or Javascript Snippet

One line of code to add to your HTML to make your website mutilingual. You can find the code for each project in the “Overview” section of your project.

Dynamic Content

Web content that changes based on the behavior, preferences, and interests of the user, such as a login page or reviews.

Language code

Code that assigns letters as language identifiers. You can find the list here.

Live Edit

WOVN feature that enables you to see your translated content in context before saving and/or publishing.

Machine Translation’s most basic and fastest form of translation, powered by Google Translate.

Pro Translation

Translation method that allows you to place orders to Professional translators from your dashboard.


Each website is a different project. More here.

‘Save’ and ‘Publish’

After translating your website’s content, you can Save only and your content will not be made public or Publish and your content will be made public.


Translation method that enables you to translate from scratch or edit machine or pro translations from your dashboard.

Translation Box

Box displayed on your Translate page or on Live Editor. Each box contains text to be translated.

WordPress plugin

One of’s integration methods when using WordPress.

WOVN Library

One of’s integration methods. Add the WOVN Library into the website’s source code server.

WOVN Widget

Language Translation Widget.