Order List

On the Order List page, you can check the status of your Translation Orders, ask for revisions and approve them.

To see the details of an order, go to your Order List and click on the order you want to see.
You will find information on the status (in progress or approved), the price, the order time, and the texts that are being translated.

Message Translator

You can send messages to your translator. Click on the comment icon and a message screen will open.
When your translator sends you a message, a red number will appear on the comment icon. Click on the comment icon to see the answer.

Approve Translations

Once your translations are completed, you can review them and approve them. If you are not satisfied, you can make comments for your translator to read. You can do so by clicking on the bubble icon 💬 if it regards a specific section of the translation or on “General Comment” if it regards the whole translation.
* This will not be the case if you have chosen to auto approve your translation orders when placing your order.

Email Notification

After placing an order, you will receive confirmation and updates emails:

  • When you place an order: you will receive an order confirmation email.
  • While your order is being translated: translation progress emails are sent daily.
  • When your translation is completed: you will receive a completion notification email.