Machine Translation

You can machine translate all of your content from your dashboard. On the Translate page, click on “Translate”, followed by “Machine”. The machine-translated content will automatically be loaded into the right column’s translation boxes.
*The already edited texts will not be machine translated unless you specify it.


Depending on your plan (free or PRIME), the limits per project differ. For free users, the limit is of 30,000 characters per month; for PRIME users, the limit is customized.

If you exceed the limit, you won’t be able to machine translate additional content. The already translated pages will not be affected.

+ Daily machine translation exceeded: you can start using it again the following day.
+ Monthly machine translation exceeded: you can start using it again at the beginning of the following month.

Fee free users can machine-translate 30,000 characters per month free of charge. If you would like to add characters to any of your projects, please contact us.


When finds new content, before machine translating, it will check, in the following order, if

1. the same sentence or word appears in your Dictionary
2. the same sentence or word has already been translated on another page

If neither happens, the new content will be machine translated.

Manually edited content or professionally translated content through will not be machine translated.

Things to keep in mind: separates translations by HTML tags. As an example, for “hello”, <p>hello</p> in your HTML will not be machine translated, but <p>hello Jane</p> will.

Machine Translation Engine

Machine translations are provided by Google’s translation API.

By combining machine translation and your Glossary, you will be able to create fast, cheap and more accurate translations.