WOVN Server Library

Sign up

Click on ‘Sign Up’, fill in the form and click ‘Next’.
If you have already signed up, click ‘Sign in’.

Register Project

Once on your WOVN.io Project List, click ‘New Project’.

Enter a straightforward project name and the domain of your website. Select your source and target languages and click on ‘Done’. There’s one domain per project.

Translate and Publish on the Project List.

Once you create a project, the top page of the domain is automatically added to your Page List. Start adding pages to your project and click on the page URL to go to the Translation page.

All of the source language texts will appear on the left.
Select your target language on the top, click ‘TRANSLATE ALL’ and choose between ‘MACHINE’ or ‘PRO’ to translate.
The translated texts will appear on the right boxes after the translation is completed.
You can edit the translations by clicking on the text.
Don’t forget to publish & save.

Things to keep in mind:

  • The source language texts are split into HTML tags.
  • By only saving your translations, the translated content will no appear on your website yet.

Install Library

The installation is different depending on the type of Library.

Click here for the WordPress plug-in.


Open your page in your browser.
If the WOVN widget appears on the lower right corner, the installation is done!
Check if the translations appear properly by switching to another language using the language widget.