Add the Code Snippet in your HTML

Get your Code Snippet on your Project Page: click on the ellipsis icon of the project you want to work on and select ‘Code Snippet’ from the drop-down menu.

Select “JavaScript Snippet” from the drop-down menu, click on the icon next to the Code Snippet to copy the Code Snippet.

Open the HTML file you want to integrate with Add the Code Snippet between the <head> and </head>, and save.

Things to keep in mind:
+ will only work on the page(s) with the Code Snippet.
+ If you have a common header set in your code, you can add the Code Snippet into the header, and all the pages will be integrated with

Upload your edited HTML file into your server.
(If you have difficulties uploading your HTML source code into the server, please contact your server provider).

Code snippet in the <head> tag
We recommend that you place your project code snippet between the <head> and </head>, although might work even when placed between the <body> and </body> or the <footer> and </footer>.