How to migrate from development to production environment? will proceed with the translation of your content in the development environment and propose to reflect those changes in the production environment using the Deployment Environments feature. With this feature, you can reduce your work in half, as you won’t need to also translate the content on the production environment.

When two domains are registered using the Deployment Environments feature, the two domains will be considered as one by

👉🏽 The directory structure of the development and production environments must be the same.
As an example, in the case of and, considers both as one page.
However, in the case of and, will consider these pages as different.

The changes will apply immediately but as the global CDN is cached unevenly, it might only show after loading the page a couple of times. uses a CDN server that enables translations to quickly switch. By caching translation information to your nearest CDN server, it will reduce your waiting time.