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First, please view the following support items.

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Inquiries about our service and requests for support are welcome 24-7 via e-mail.
We answer you in 48 hours (1 to 4 business days).
Telephone inquiries are available only for PRIME users (or Enterprise Plan users in the former pricing plans ).
※Please understand if your questions cannot be answered immediately in terms of technicality, we might ask you to contact us by e-mail.


Contacting us by phone

Please feel free to call us at the number below if you want to join our service and discuss it with us.
Telephone inquiries regarding the installation or operation are available only for PRIME users (or Enterprise Plan users in the former pricing plans ).
Please understand that if your question or problem requires an investigation, we get back to you by e-mail after the investigation.

Available hours – Monday to Friday 10.00-18.00 Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays.


Contacting us by email

Customers of all plans can contact us via email.
Please view the contact form before contacting us via email.
Please fill in the following items so that we may solve your problem quickly.

▼ Problems during use

  • Account email ID
  • Project name
  • Detailed description of the problem
  • Browser used
  • Used introduction method

▼ New contract

  • URL of the website (if applicable)
  • Number of pages on the website
  • Number of supported languages
  • Dynamic website / static website
  • Professional translation / machine translation

For example, it may take a long time for us to examine the customer’s information with vague questions such as “no translations are displayed” or “please send a quote”.
Please ask questions with detailed information as shown in the sample below.

Inquiry example 1
“Account email ID: Project name:
We inserted it in the target snippet below, but http: //***.com/ translation is not displayed.
The browser I used is Google Chrome.

Inquiry example 2
“Account email ID: None
Project name: None.
Site size: around 100 pages, translation language: 5 languages
I would like a quote for a dynamic website.


 When making inquiries please be sure to contact us with a working email address.
Our email support can not check attached files sent in from customers due to security concerns. Please list all details in the email text.
 When you send us an email using our inquiry form, there is a chance that the email will not be sent correctly if the machine-dependent characters (①, ⊿, etc.) are included in the text. Please be sure to check them before sending.
If you are contacting us via e-mail, your email may be classified as spam by us. As such, be sure to contact us using the above form if there is no reply after 24 hours.

The following content falls outside of the range of our support system and we unfortunately cannot accept inquiries regarding these issues:
Technical inquires related to customer-created frameworks
Inquiries related to Javascript that uses wovn functions