Full-text Search

You can search by keywords in your source language content with the Full-text Search feature. You can check how and how much the word is used across your whole project.


📌 This feature only works if you have previously created a Glossary.

  1. Select your project to go to the Page list.
  2. Click on Search and enter the term you are looking for.
  3. The result will appear in matching rate order. Only matches in the original language of your website will appear. You will also know how many times it appears in your project.
  4. Sort them from older to newer or vice versa, if needed.


Practical tips

💡Go directly to the page by clicking on the result. In case the term appears on more than one page, you will be sent to one of the pages selected randomly.

💡From the search results, you can directly edit the translation. It will affect your whole project. If you are translating into multiple languages, the corresponding translations in all languages will be displayed.