Exclude Path

WOVN.io can automatically add all of your website’s content with the auto content and page add features.  Auto-added pages will be automatically translated if the auto-translate feature is on. However, there may be situations where you don’t want specific pages to be automatically added and translated by WOVN.io.  For these situations, you can exclude a specific directory from being automatically added and translated by using the Excluded Path feature.

How to exclude a path:
1. Select your project to go to its Page list.
2. Go to Settings → Project → Auto page add → Excluded path. You can exclude multiple paths.

As an example, https://wovn.io/support/auto-page-add/
To exclude the “auto-page-add” directory, add “/auto-page-add/” to the Excluded Path box.

Things to keep in mind
Pages with the excluded path that are added manually can still be translated.
If the page had already been added before setting an excluded path, the content of this page will be unpublished.