Deployment environments


  • This feature allows you to set up alternative domains for your Projects, allowing you simultaneously translate a development and production environment.
  • Translation data is treated as if it is used by the same host even with different domains. *1
  • If the WOVN Crawler can access the URL of your development environment, then the URL can be used as a domain alias.

*1 If you have your production and development environments set up as separate projects on, the Domain Alias feature cannot be used with those specific URLs.

Plan Options
It is exclusive to PRIME users.

Setup Procedure

  1. Select your project to go to the Page List.
  2. Select Settings on the Dashboard. On the Project Settings page go to the Project Domains section.
    Click on “+Domain”  to add a new domain alias. Exclude “http: //” and “/” at the end.  As an example, to register “”, add “”.
  3. You can change or remove a domain by clicking on: 
    Edit (pen icon) : change your domain.
    Remove (trash icon) : remove your registered domain.
  4. After entering the domain alias, it will be automatically matched with your default domain.
    After the domain alias has been added, make sure to enter the code snippet on the newly registered URL.

⛔️ In the case the user registers a URL  that should belong to another project, Wovn reserves the right to delete the account.

If the widget does not appear

If the widget does not appear after reloading the page, please check the list below.

  • Has your code snippet been properly inserted onto your website?
    →Check your web page’s source to see if the code snippet is visible.
  • Has your web page been “Published & Saved”?
    →As each page is managed separately, please make sure the corresponding page has been “Published & Saved”.
  • Are there completed translations for your page? (located in the right column of the translation edit page)
    →If there are no translations at all, the widget will not be displayed.