Default Language


When accessing a website using, the language shown by default will match the browser language, not the website’s original language. If you go to a website originally written in Japanese using a browser whose language setting is English, English will be shown by default. If the browser language does not match one of available translated languages, then the original language appears by default.

For example –

Original Language: Japanese Languages: English
Default Language: Japanese

In this instance, if you access the site with a Chinese browser, the language shown will be Japanese.

Setup Procedure

  1. Select your project to go to the page list.
  2. Select Settings on the Dashboard and then select Widget. On the Widget Settings page you can select which language will be displayed by default. For the example given above, if you change the setting from Japanese to English and access with a Chinese browser, English would then be displayed.
    The change will be applied to all pages in the project.