Auto Content Add


If you update your website frequently or are continuously adding pages, then translating each page or update can be difficult and time-consuming. has a function that automatically adds new content to reduce your workload.
If you make changes to your existing website, will automatically receive the updated content and translate using machine translation.

Setup Procedure

  1. Select your project to go to the page list.
  2. Select Settings on the Dashboard, then on the Project Settings page check Auto Content Add is turned on.

Manual Updating Function

Although automatic updating is not available for Free and Start Up Plan users, you can manually update after new static content is added by selecting Refresh Content, located in the drop-down menu next to the Publish & Save button. (This function is  also available for Business and Enterprise Plan users.)

You can edit the translation of the content you received. Click on Publish & Save, and the newest translation will be reflected on your website.

Users of Business Plan or higher in the former pricing plans.

You can add your page to by opening it on your browser, but the page information will be sent to in 5 seconds after you open. Please keep it open for at least 5 seconds.
You first need to insert the script into your page, or have installed.