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WOVN.io is a website localization service that enables you to multilingualize websites in less than 5 minutes with no development requirements.

How WOVN.io works


You can use WOVN.io on your website using the code snippet or library file.

WOVN.io Translation Options

  • Machine translation Translate the content of your site near instantaneously using machine translation. WOVN.io's machine translation uses neural network learning to recognize content and provide a more accurate translation.

  • Self translation After machine translation you can further refine the translation by hand, or translate directly from the original if you have language resources available to you.

  • Glossary Once you register a term to your “Glossary”, it will replace the matching terms in all of your translations. This feature allows you to achieve consistent terminology for names of persons and important terms in your translations. When you order pro-translation for phrases that include glossary terms, WOVN.io requires the translator to use the words, which makes the quality of your translation much higher.

Live Editor

Using the live editor you can see how translation of content on your website will look before publishing and making the changes viewable to users.

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Optional Pro Translation

Take advantage of WOVN.io's Pro Translation options and get high quality, low cost translations for multiple languages without the need to find an outside translator.

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Support for All Types of Websites

E-commerce, web service and other websites with login, payment and other secure pages can be used with WOVN.io. Enabling multi-language support for both your potential and existing customers.

Other Features

  • Image Replacement

    Replace or change images according to language.

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  • META / ALT tag Localization

    <meta> and <alt> tags can be localized for each language to improve international SEO.

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  • Automatic Page Addition

    Automatically add new web pages to WOVN.io for rapid localization.

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  • Automatic Content Addition

    Automatic addition when new content is added to an existing web page.

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    Automatic Translation and Publish

    New page content can be automatically translated and published.

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  • Language Widget Customization

    Fully customizable language selection widget.

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  • Test Environment Support

    Easily move translated content from a test to production environment.

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    Multilingual Search Indexing

    Use the WOVN.io Library to enable translated language search engine indexing.

  • Mobile Compatible

    WOVN.io works with mobile and PC browsers, multilingualization for any device.

  • CMS Support

    Compatible with CMS and e-commerce services such as WordPress and Shopify.

  • SaaS Support

    WOVN.io can be integrated with your SaaS service.

  • Focused Updates

    Responsive to our user's needs with regular updates and improvements.

WOVN.io provides customized service on customer's request at a competitive price.

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    Upgrade basic functions

    Under your request, we provide upgraded service.

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    Receive customized assistance

    Through thorough review and research of your business, WOVN.io provides outstanding assistance suited with your business.

  • Hide WOVN.io logo from WOVN widget

    Create language widget for your business!

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Our customers

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