Creating a new global infrastructure for the Internet

We set our vision "Localize the web and become a global actor behind the scenes".

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    Creating new global infrastructure for the Internet

    We are undertaking the challenge of creating new global IT infrastructure to localize the Internet.

    There are very few Japanese enterprises that have been able to globally influence the IT world. This is because Japanese business practices, culture, and language are very unique and it is difficult to apply the same business models abroad, even if successful in Japan.

    However, this uniqueness will give us an edge when localizing the Internet. Because of the uniqueness of the Japanese market, disseminating information abroad and to foreigners has become a social issue, creating many new demands in the market. Furthermore, as localization itself is a new concept, we are not bound by existing laws or business practices. We are the leaders in this new market and define the best practices ourselves.

    Taking advantage of this “high ground,” we have declared that our vision is to “Localize the web and become a global actor behind the scenes”.

  • Mission

    Create a world where everyone can access all data in their native language

    A huge amount of data exists on the Internet. Since its emergence, the Internet has fostered the idea that “everything should be open and equal,” leading to such a large amount of data.

    However, if you understand only Japanese, you will be able to access a mere 3% of this data. The Internet has not achieved its declared openness yet because of such language barriers. Our goal is to help people access all data on the planet and free them from language barriers, no matter what language they are using, and create a truly open and equal society.

    WOVN exists to transform society and create new markets through the pursuit of this mission.

  • Who we are

    Foster talented individuals that grow with the organization and compete globally

    WOVN is aiming to create new value in a market untrodden by anyone else.

    An untrodden market is very chaotic. Predecessors set the rules and regulations in existing markets, but such is not the case in a new market. It is up to us to set the precedents and trailblaze our way forward. The ability to ascertain what is needed, focus on priority tasks, and perseverance is what’s most demanded of individuals.

    This is impossible to accomplish alone. Together, we must exercise our individual strengths and respect each other if we are to be successful as an organization. In order to fulfill our mission, we value a strong will backed by determination and mutual respect and trust of the professionals around us. And WOVN is brimming with such individuals.

    Who we are

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We are searching for new members. If our vision and mission strikes a chord with you and you like a challenge, come work at WOVN! To hear more about our story before applying, please press the 'Casual Interviews' button below to apply for a casual interview.

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