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Category: Working in Japan
08 Mar

International Women’s Day: spotlight on Japan

International Women’s Day is celebrated (almost) everywhere, with marches, strikes, or gatherings. Japan isn’t so lively nor loud, yet it seems to be slowly picking up steam as a movement. Some data: The number of Japanese working women is increasing, nearing 70% of women participating in the job market in 2017. The weight of social..

14 Feb

Working in Japan: Valentine’s in the office

You might be wondering why we are discussing Valentine’s Day when it’s supposed to be about working in Japan. Truth is, as many events in Japan, even this holiday is somehow linked to work. In the West, it’s a day for giving your lover or partner a gift and showing your love. In Japan, when..

28 Dec

Working in Japan: New Year’s in the office

日本語はこちら。 New Year’s is celebrated pretty much everywhere —at different times, some might say— and Japan is no exception. In our first issue of the Working in Japan series, we would like to introduce you not to how the Japanese celebrate New Year’s but to what happens in the office around this time of the..