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Category: Weekly Roundup
01 Dec

Weekly Roundup #3

  Flitto’s language data helps machine translation systems get more accurate Artificial intelligence translation tools are constantly improving but are not yet perfect. Data is required to train these tools, which machines themselves cannot create*. This is where Flitto comes in, offering what they call corpus. “Flitto’s corpus includes sets of human-translated sentences from its..

24 Nov

Weekly Roundup #2

Welcome To The Era Of The Ai Coworker AI-enhanced productivity is taking hold across industries. From translation, media, design, legal, to film AI is taking over tasks and leaving humans to decide the details and final execution: “the final intellectual lifting”. “[…] we do now find ourselves in a strange position. We have to accept..

17 Nov

Weekly Roundup #1

Business chat app Slack seeks to crack Asia from Japan Slack Technologies, creators of the business chat service Slack, launched a Japanese localized version of its service, on Friday November 17th, signalling it’s first expansion into non-English speaking Asia. “Japanese will be the fifth language after English, French, German and Spanish the San Francisco-based company..